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Welcome! This is a section designed to help keep you "In The Know". It's about ongoings in our region which do not necessarily directly relate, or apply to, the other categories of Forest Heights' website (for example, not to: Calendar or News, To Our Good Health, etc. sections). Also, do check out our Facebook account on our homepage!

See new information and opportunities posted as they become available. Our goal is to the best Community we can be!


What better way to make where you live great?

Want to sign up for a great event? Call Town Hall at 301-839-1030!

Here's a couple great examples of what your volunteering brought about:
Forest Heights' 6th Annual - STREAM CLEANUP Green Up 2015

Want to see who was involved? DOWNLOAD (PDF) a copy to print, and pass it along to others. Help our community - and the world - and get the trash out by getting the word out!

We built a new playground!

Can We Build It FH Playground Header Image.png 

The Forest Heights community built a new tot lot playground at the intersection of Mohican Drive and Fox Way in Forest Heights, Maryland! Click the link above to see pictures of the results - results we can do with help from you!


Happenings on a larger scale by which residents of Forest Heights can benefit

Here's one (and many!)

 Congresswoman D. Edwards

Our Congressional Representative, Donna Edwards :

Wants to make you aware of her community events - new events and programs, especially the Veteran's History Project (VHP). For 2014, the VHP project will focus on Women Veterans. Please help spread the word to your family , friends, co-workers, church members, fraternal organizations and community based groups. 

6th Annual College and Career Fair.jpgWomen Veterans.jpgAPPLICATION FOR A NOMINATION TO A UNITED STATES SERVICE ACADEMY.jpg
Application for Nomination to a US Service Academy (PDF)
Job Fair Aug 28th 2014.jpg

Nonprofit forum.jpgSenior Citizen Resource and Info Fair.jpgcongressional award.jpg

Here's another:

We're happy to announce the return of the Collaboration for this year's Weatherization Grant Award, and from the looks of it we will be able to help 20 homeowners. Get to the forms and apply!


 Physical projects and happenings which relate to Forest Heights

Oxon Hill Road Construction (PDF)


Information on concerns affecting where we live

National Harbor and Casino Environment

What CB-7 (County Benefits Agreement) means to jobs - and money - for us, our community, and Prince George's county...or those who don't care if we potentially lose them. And, sadly, this is a real possibility. Take a read of the problem, then the formal legal letter (PDF). Get active again and don't stand for our advancement chances being taken away! Don't wait until it's too late to voice your opinion. Let your County Council members know where you stand. Protect those jobs promised to Prince Georgians.  

Ordinance *CB-6-2014 (click this for the County Council site, or the label "B2014006 (PDF)" to see full document) Concerning Video Lottery Facilities for the purpose of defining video lottery facility and authorizing a video lottery facility use as a permitted use in the Mixed Use - Transportation Oriented (M-X-T) Zone, subject to certain requirements.


 Information on concerns affecting our community

Forest Heights Crime-fighting Surveillance Camera Installation (PDF)