Article 4 Unauthorized Businesses

Section 4.1: Fortunetelling

It shall be unlawful, and it is hereby prohibited within the Town for any person to attempt to tell fortunes or predict the future, for pay, donation, or compensation, by means of palmistry, crystal ball, spirits, medium-ship, cards, talismans, charms, potions, tea-leaves, magic of any kind or nature, or other similar means, except that nothing herein shall be construed in any way to include or interfere with the exercise of any of the religious or spiritual practices of any bona fide church or religion.

Section 4.2: Penalty

Any person violating any provision of this Article, upon conviction, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed $100, or imprisonment not to exceed 30 days or both fine and imprisonment. A conviction for one offense shall not be a bar to a conviction for a continuation of such offense subsequent to the first or any succeeding conviction.