Public Services & Utilities

Trash & Recycling Collection: 


Weekly Trash and Recycling may be set out as early as dusk the day before pursuant to ordinance. Please ensure that there is no trash in your recycling bin or it may not be collected.

  • Trash and Recycling collection will be provided on Mondays

Brush / Yard Waste Collection

Established pickup is weekly on Mondays. To schedule brush collection please contact public works.

Bulk Trash Collection

For larger items, this is provided on Thursdays. No metal items permitted. Mattresses must be covered. 

Public Works will collect metal for a base fee of $35 or more. Propane tanks may also be picked up for $30 each. Please contact public works for more information at 301-839-1030.

Removal & Disposal of Tree Debris

As this is Forest Heights, we have many trees shading our yards and cleaning our air. When caring for them, the question arises about how to handle their debris. Standard policy is:

  • Yard trim must be placed in heavy-duty paper bags or re-usable trash cans with handles and a secure lid. Cardboard boxes are not acceptable containers. Cans must be clearly marked YARD WASTE / YARD TRIM for collection.
  • Limbs collected curbside must not exceed four (4) feet in length and three (3) inches in diameter and must be securely tied in bundles. Bundles of limbs and bags of dry grass and leaves must weigh less than 60 pounds. Wet grass and leaves must weigh less than 25 pounds."
  • Be aware that Ii the tree falls on private property, it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove it (whether it is your tree or not) and dispose of it.
  • Prince Georges County does NOT accept logs at any facility. However, leaves and other debris are picked up on Wednesday. That means (as far as logs are concerned), according to County officials: Logs should be taken by homeowners or by your private contractor to a site that splits and sells them for fire wood. Dumping them on others' property is not an option.

Request New Services:

Commercial Utility Service

Commercial customers should contact public works to find out which service providers have approved franchises to operate in Forest Heights and render commercial utility services.

Residential Utility Service

To start residential utility services please select one of the below links for the corresponding utility:The below links will access external sites. The Town of Forest Heights is not responsible for the content on third party sites.

Billing Information:

Payment for a utility service is due based on the service provider's billing schedule. Please check with the utility's service provider.

Report a Problem

  To report a problem with your utility services, please call the clerk's office. To report a downed or sparking power line, please call 877-737-2662.