Purchasing Services

Doing Business with Forest Heights

Forest Hgts MDThe procurement function for most routine purchases is handled by the administrative section of each Department. All contracts, bids, and proposals for major services and end-items for all Departments and Offices are routed through the Clerk's Office. In this function, the Clerk's staff is responsible for:

  • Contracting for services
  • Managing bids, requests for proposal (RFP), and contracts
  • Ordering major supplies and services

Vendor Information

Vendors who are interested in selling products and services to the Town should review the individual bid for the service or goods that they wish to provide and ensure that they meet the requirements.

If the vendor agrees to adhere to all requirements listed, they should submit their proposal before the deadline. Any questions can be addressed to the Clerk's Office at (301) 839-1030.

Bidding Opportunities

If bidding opportunities are available, there will be a clickable link below to download bidding documents. Each Request for Proposal (RFP) has its own bidding instructions, which may be different from that of another RFP.