Attorney's Office

Municipal Law Office

The Forest Heights Town Attorney provides legal counsel and guidance to the town government to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws and procedures. The attorney also provides legal review of all ordinances, resolutions, contracts and intergovernmental agreements entered into by the town.


The Attorney's Office provides legal counsel to the:

Prosecution & Defense

In addition, the town attorney works together with attorneys from the State's Attorney's Office and the Town's insurance carrier in any prosecution or defense of matters involving:

  • Civil matters against town employees performing appropriately in the line of duty,
  • Offenses against town property or employees,
  • Other civil litigation matters not handled by attorneys of the Local Government Insurance Trust,
  • Prosecution of municipal infractions and violations of town ordinances, and
  • Complaints filed under the Town's Ethics Ordinance.
  1. Attorney Kevin Best

    Kevin J. Best, Esq.

    Chief Legal Counsel

  2. Attorney's Office

    Fax: 301-839-9236